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Ukrainian Premium Honey

from the EU Warehouse

Wholesale in 25 kg buckets and 290 kg barrels

Delivery within 5 days. PayPal is available.

We deliver honey from Ukrainian beekeepers directly to you.

No intermediary importers.

™ Nectarica – it`s two small companies founded by one family from Eastern Europe (Ukraine). For a fourth generation they are keeping traditions of beekeeping. Drillex LLC, Ukraine, purchases honey from beekeepers and packages it in Kharkiv, and Nectarica-eu LLC, Poland, distributes honey throughout the European Union by small or medium wholesale.

Buying without any middlemen and directly from us, you save more than 20%.

We remain solely responsible for the quality of the product and its delivery

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Why Nectarica TM is indeed of premium quality?

It is confirmed by analysis and certificates.

Our honey does not contain any syrups and other additives, which means it is 100% natural.

We belong to those rare companies in EU that can really confirm the naturality of the honey they sell, and perhaps, we are the only such company in Poland. This is due to the fact, that we make NMR test (nuclear magnetic resonance) on every honey batch in one of the most reliable and well-known laboratories in EU, the QSI laboratory in Germany. Currently, the NMR test is the most precise and comprehensible test for detection of fake honey in the world. You can find the NMR test results for every honey batch in the Quality Report section. To find out more about the NMR test, go to our Facebook page .

We do not process our honey under high temperatures, thus it contains all vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

We do not use high heat of over 40 degrees Celsius in the packaging process. This means that honey is not processed under high temperatures and is “raw”. The evidence of this is the HMF value in the set of analyses and certificates. The HMF value of our honey is usually about 5 mg/kg. Such value is characteristic of fresh raw honey. Find out more about HMF on our Facebook page.

Honey does not contain antibiotics, pesticides, veterinary drugs. Its radiation background is within normal limits, etc.

Among all companies on the market, we offer the fullest set of documents on each honey batch, which proves the safety of our honey. Each honey batch undergoes testing for a huge number of safety indicators in 2 independent laboratories. The first one is QSI laboratory in Germany, and the second one is State Scientific and Research Institute on Laboratory Diagnosis and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise in Ukraine. The laboratories are accredited by ILAC, and the samples for the SSRI are taken from the batch of the finished product by the officers of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection. You can download the results of the laboratory studies for each honey batch along with the Quality Certificate based on the studies from the Quality Report section.

Our honey originates from Ukraine and is not mixed with Chinese honey.

Our honey is obtained 100% in Ukraine and packaged at our enterprise in Kharkiv. This can be proved by the report on veterinary checks in Poland and the Certificate of Origin on each honey batch. The veterinary checks are performed in Dorohusk when honey is imported from Ukraine. You can download the corresponding documents from the Quality Report section.

Honey is purchased and packaged in compliance with the HACCP food quality control system.

We perform quality and safety control of our honey on all stages – from the purchase of honey from Ukrainian beekeepers to its sales. Along with other options, this includes three levels of laboratory control of honey in our own laboratory, the SSRI laboratory and the QSI laboratory.

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