About us

Nectarica-eu sp. z o.o. is a representative office in the EU of the Ukrainian honey company.

We supply 100% natural Ukrainian honey of the highest quality in bulk at the lowest prices.
Honey is packaged in 25kg buckets and 290kg barrels on our line in Ukraine.

Delivery to the customer is carried out by pieces, on half-pallets and pallets from our warehouse in Poland and it takes 2-5 days all over the EU.

Our clients are companies dealing with honey packing, production of foods and beverages of
honey, catering establishments all over the EU: all for whom naturalness and high quality for
minimal price are important.

Confirmed quality

We guarantee that our honey meets the highest standards. For each lot we provide test report from the most authoritative laboratory of the EU – QSI, Germany. The report contains the results for more than 50 parameters: unfiltered, unpasteurized, unfalsified, without antibiotics, 100% Ukrainian, etc.



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The way we achieve this

Our packing line (Drillex LLC, Kharkiv, Ukraine) meets all the latest standards and is certified with ISO 22000 (HACCP)

We carefully carry out incoming control of raw materials in our own production laboratory

We use packing for food products from the best Ukrainian producers, certified for usage in the EU

We are responsible for all stages: from the moment of buying honey from Ukrainian beekeeper until the delivery of this honey to any place in the EU. All this tremendous work are performed by our qualified staff or carefully selected transport and logistics companies.

We are focused on sunflower honey and multiflower honey with predominant sunflower. Because it is this honey that makes about 90% of the Ukrainian honey export. And it is this honey that has the best price-taste-useful qualities ratio.

Packing sizes 25kg and 290kg and the corresponding delivery options allow our customer to get the minimum cost per 1 kg of the product including delivery.

history and nowadays

Ukrainian honey has been famous worldwide for many centuries. The first evidence o fbee-breeding on the territory of Ukraine by the Scythians is marked on V century. B.C. Thus, Herodotus the “father” of history wrote that Slavic lands have been known for the wealth of bees, and therefore honey. Even in ancient times, as the Greek philosopher Pausanias noted, the best honey from the Alasan lands on the Dniester (part of present-day Ukraine) was imported into Greece. In the times of Kievan Rus, the great knyazes were not indifferent to a special drinking honey. It was believed that this drink carries not only healing, but also magical power. Modern Ukrainian honey market still maintains stable in honey gathering and steadily grows in terms of export. According to the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine 61,660,000 kilograms of honey were exported during the 11 months of 2017 to the total amount of 120.24 million US dollars. Export of Ukrainian beekeeping products cover thirty countries of the world, making our state the absolute leader in honey production in Europe and the third in the world. Most of our honey is exported to Germany, Poland and the USA. The honey from Kharkiv, Poltava and Sumy regions is especially attractive for foreign consumers. Exactly these regions are considered to be the most environmentally friendly. Specialists associate this with favorable climatic conditions for the spread and growth of such valuable melliferous plants as linden and acacia.


In order to get natural honey of the best quality, our company uses special production equipment, which allows to keep all the useful properties of honey products. We not only process honey, but also purchase from private beekeepers ourselves. In order for honey to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer, our company has its own production laboratory with modern and high-tech equipment. The terms of storage of raw materials and finished products with full sterility, certified packages from the best Ukrainian manufacturers allow us to provide our customers with a first-rate product, while each order is tracked from the very registration to the final shipment.

Packing for export

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