Beekeeping products of the highest quality

During two years of existence of honey export line of TM Nectarica, our company (Drillex LLC.) has become a worthy representative of the honey industry: we have successfully completed export contracts with companies from the EU and Arab countries, our EU office in Poland has been opened (Nectarica-eu sp z oo ), the certificate of conformity of the standard ISO22000: 2005 has been received.

Healing property of honey

Honey contains a lot of fructose, which effectively removes all kinds of toxins from our body, including alcohol. Therefore, if you wake up in the morning with a headache after a grandiose party, it’s enough to eat a crunchy toast with honey to feel a lot better.

Natural enemy of natural honey

The heat badly affects the useful properties of honey, so it is not recommended to heat it. High temperature (more than fifty degrees) completely neutralizes all the useful qualities of natural sweets.

Features of different types of honey

It is almost impossible to get honey from one melliferous plant because usually several melliferous plants bloom at the same time next to the apiary, and when pumping out honey from the hive, old stocks of the bee family collected earlier from other plants may fall together with the freshest honey. Therefore, a type of honey is determined according to the predominant amount of nectar of the plant.

Secret of mineral composition

The mineral composition of honey is similar to the composition of human blood, which facilitates the rapid assimilation of the curative product in our body. This is what determines its medical, dietary and nutritional features.

Small workers

Recently, scientists have estimated that in order to collect one hundred grams of honey a bee needs to fly over forty-six thousand kilometers or about one million flowers. In total, five kilograms of nectar is needed to produce two kilograms of honey.

To ensure our customers in the naturalness and quality of each lot of purchased honey, we propose to download a laboratory report from the most authoritative laboratory center of the European Union.