For suppliers

It is difficult to find  person who is indifferent to honey. Fragrant dessert is not only tasty but incredibly useful as well. Beekeeper needs many hours of dedicated work to get it. We treat respectfully beekeepers’ work, because they are our main partners!

In order to make mutually beneficial cooperation, we are responsible for the evaluation of honey and establishing a price for your product. To provide a market with the best varieties of domestic honey of high quality in strict accordance with ISO 4497: 2005 – is one of our main tasks. Our country is famous for honey products of high quality, that’s why on customer’s request we export polyphlore and monophlore honey in accordance with the customer’s country legislation, also we sell it under our own TM in package of corporate identity.

Considering the fact that Ukrainian beekeeper needs our help to sell own product, we want to build long-term and friendly partnership. During the whole year, except weekends and holidays, we receive the honey products, check its quality through a series of laboratory tests, which not only confirm the level, but exclude the presence of admixtures, antibiotics and other contaminants. In the course of research activities we check the following parameters: honey moisture, its organoleptic indicators (aroma, color, flavor characteristics), check the pH and level of diastase. Positive results of tests give us the opportunity to purchase your honey. We think it is better to work honestly and to trust our providers!

Purchase receipt requires submittal of the following documents from the beekeeper:

Сooperation scheme

Your honey

Quality control

Buying honey

Call us or write an E-mail, address is available on the site. We are always open for cooperation with decent and professional beekeeper of Ukraine!

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